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 Das Spielebuch für Katzen (Stefanie Sigl / Helena Dbalý)

"Spielend durchs Katzenleben"


Das Buch liefert eine Fülle kreativer Spielideen, die sich leicht umsetzen lassen. Sie bieten Abwechslung für Menschen und Katzen jeden Alters. Ein grosses Kapitel ist dem Katzenfummelbrett gewidmet.


Verlag Cadmos: (29. August 2008 / 2. Auflage 2011)

ISBN-10: 3861271338
ISBN-13: 978-3861271338



Playtime for Cats (Stefanie Sigl / Helena Dbalý)

"Activities and Games for felines" 


Playful paws will never be bored again! This title is full of great ideas to spice up your cat's play. Playtime for cats is very important. Cats need to play in order to safeguard their well-being and physical and mental fitness, and to prevent the development of behavioural abnormalities. Unfortunately, cats are frequently bored, and can suffer from their owner's lack of imagination. It offers a whole host of creative ideas, guaranteeing lots of excitement and fun for humans and cats of any age! A whole chapter of the book is dedicated to the 'fiddling board' for cats. This novelty invention by the author can be recreated DIY-style and can incorporate the reader's own variations, providing lashings of fun for playful paws.


Verlag: Cadmos Equestrian (Oktober 2009)

Sprache: Englisch 


ISBN-10: 3861279703
ISBN.13: 978-3861279709